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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek at our Guest Designers...

Wondering who will be guesting with The*Fairy*Godmothers for the upcoming Forever in Blue Jeans launch?? Here's a sneak peek for our fans...

Keep watching for some great contests that will be running during the launch!! Details coming soon...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to our NEW TFG members!!

The*Fairy*Godmothers would like to welcome some FABULOUS designers to our group!










Welcome to all of these FABULOUS ladies to our design family!

It's almost Time!!

It's almost time for our Anniversary Launch!

We're thrilled to have some fabulous designers joining us as our Guests!! We've been working on our sets, cooking up some fabulous collabs, and having fun working with some awesome designers! Keep an eye out for a contest that will be running along with this launch. The winner will receive a SPECTACULAR SURPRISE TFG Prize Basket!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New From TFG

Some new listings, and a brand new e-book!

Someone is ready for summer - and you little one can be too! Laura, of Waughzee's Wee Wonders (aka Waughzee) listed a sweet collection perfect for summer!! Watermelon bows, mini's and an adorable clip are all available in seperate auctions!


Brand NEW fro Deann of KaraJes Designs!! Perfect for your Disney Cruise as a "Fish Extender" or cute for organizing at home! Now you can make them yourself! The e-book is available HERE on Organize in style with KaraJes Designs. (Never fear, Deann takes custom orders on them too!)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

TFG Member Spotlight

Congrats to Deann - she's our 1st TFG Spotlight Designer! Deann is one of TFG's founding designers and one of our Fearless Leaders. Take a little time to get to know her.


My Name is Deann and I am the designer and Seamstress behind KaraJes*Designs. I like to sew and applique anything!! I make childrens clothing, adult t-shirts, bib, name it and I'll try it! My favorites to create are Disney Vacation pieces and I love one-of-a-kind projects!


I am a stay-at-home mother of 5 (22,19,12,10,5) and homeschool my three youngest. I've been married to my wonderful husband Greg for almost 14 years. Besides sewing I love to read (Harry Potter, Twilight, Kingdom Keepers) watch movies and play with my kids. My son is about to get married and he has 2 children. Yep, I'm a Nana (NOT grandma!) to Rylee 5, and Korben 3.

How Did I get started in the Boutique business? After my trip to Disney World in 2006, I knew I would be going back (frequently) so I registered on the DISboards to get as much information as I could. I found the DISBoutique thread and saw the awesome Disney customs that people were putting on their children for Disney Trips. I decided I wanted my children to wear those and have awesome character interactions as well!! Once I saw how much people were paying for those, I decided pretty quickly I wouldn't be buying any. My mother convinced me I could make my own, and there you go!

The first set I ever sold on ebay was a 2 piece Cinderella set. It was an appliqued peasant top and a layered tulle skirt made from a fabric storybook.


Everytime I make something new, I say "That's my new favorite!!" But if I had to choose only 1 design as my Favorite it might (just maybe) be the Stepsisters set that I recently made for my youngest.


I love custom orders! My Favorite orders are one-of-a-kind creations that my customers and I create together. I can be found on Facebook, etsy, and ebay. I do have a blog, but I am so horribly bad at keeping up with it. If it weren't for Leslie, The*Fairy*Godmothers blog would be just as neglected.

I personally want to thank Leslie for everything she does for TFG. Muah!

Thanks Deann!!

Keep your eye out for more Featured members and news about our upcoming ebay Launch "A Night at the Movies"

Friday, March 11, 2011

TFG Auction of the Week


Laura is at it again! Such a sweet pair of bows ready for your Easter celebrations! Adorable printed ribbon is a perfect match to her clay bunny!! I just love the little bow on that bunny! As always its at a low starting price - get them before they hop away!! Check out the listing HERE!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TFG Auction of the Week

This has to be one of my all time favorites from Kelly of Tinkerbell's Treasures on etsy.


This necklace and bracelet set is fabulous and features little ladies from around the world. The set features a Spanish Dancer, USA Lady Liberty, a Japanese girl wearing her kimono, and a Moroccan dancer.

Kelly used a bright assortment of glass beads and metal ball spacers. The little bead of the World on the extender is adorable!!

The set is so bright and colorful! It is perfect for a Magical ride on It's a Small World or a fun day touring World Showcase at Epcot!

Click here to be taken to the listing!!


TFG is looking for a few New Members

If you are interested in joining our Design Family, click on the picture above to be taken to our ebay Group Page.